My best pal, Zippi, has his own page, and so do Roxy & Billie.

Yo! I'm Eddie!

I've been practicing learning to sit on command

I'm also learning "DOWN" on command. Pretty good, right?

I really like toys!

Especially this cow hoof thingy...yum.

Hmmm where can I go chew this in peace?

Here's a great place, Dad's slipper.

Uh oh...caught!

Heh, Hi Dad (grin)

He's a sucker for my cute look.

Here's me stealing a toy from Roxy. She chased me after this picture..hehe.

Here's me trying to steal a toy from Zippi. He's too tough for me, but we like to play alot so that's kewl.

Name: Eddie
Breed: Rat Terrier
Sex: Male - Neutered
Color: White Black Tan
Birthdate: unknown (approx birthday June 2004)
Eddie was found wandering outside on a bitter winter day, freezing cold. A kind stranger found him and turned him over to Planned Pethood rescues, who contacted us about him when no one claimed him. He's a sweet boy who will be a wonderful pet once he finishes learning some basic manners and house training!

Rule: Silver

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