Meet Jesse!
Jesse came from the Ingham County Animal Shelter in Michigan. She was found running loose in the area there. Sadly, no one ever came to claim her. Jesse is a very sweet girl. She came to stay with us for several months while we treated and cured her Heartworm infestation. Now she lives in a GREAT and loving home in Saginaw, Michigan.

Also, if you want, you could check out some older pictures of me. Look at how much I've changed!

Hi there! I'm Jesse.

What was that? I hear the other dogs.. Is it time to play?

OH! It's time for lessons. This will be fun!

What's that you're asking? You want me to sit?

No sweat!

Okay, gotta go. Time for me to tackle this marrow bone. YUM!

Name: Jesse
Breed: Toy Fox Terrier
Sex: Female - Spayed
Color: White Tan Black
Birthdate: Unknown - approximately three or four years old in September 2000.
Note: Jesse was rescued from Michigan's Ingham County Humane Society on September 8, 2000. She was found running loose in the area with no tags or identification.

Rule: Silver

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