Billie is our adopted Greyhound. She used to be a racing dog, and she was pretty quick too, but not quick enough it seems. So she came to live with us, as our new couch ornament. She's a very sweet natured girl who is patient with the extremely active terriers bouncing all around her.

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Hi! I'm Billie, and this is my chewy bone

Here's me waiting for my dinner on my dinner towel. I fit, right?

Now that I'm "retired" I have two favorite past times. One is eating. Can you guess the other one?

How about now?

Maybe this will give you a hint?

Or this?

Here's one of me sleeping in my crate. Doesn't this look comfy?

These are some of my toys. I love my toys. Mom says I'm a collector....

Sometimes I'll share MY couch with Zippi

But sometimes, I won't. It's MY couch afterall!

Name: Billie (Racing name RJ's BillyTheKid)
Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Female - Spayed
Color: Red Brindle
Birthdate: April 1998

Rule: Silver

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