Echo is our newest addition. Born August 14th, 2009, so far she is just a little bit of a thing, topping out at 8lbs. We expect she'll get a bit bigger but not too much! But don't let her small size fool you, this girl has a big personality. She completely rules her daddy's heart and is working on ruling the house next. Her favorite things to do involve playing, playing and more playing! Right now Echo is going thru 'ear wars' which is fairly normal for her age. That means one day her ears may be upright, the next folded, then the next maybe one is up and one is down. Every morning brings a new ear style and a smile!

Echo comes from a shelter in central Ohio. Her original owner was unable to continue caring for her. We think her high spirits may have contributed to the decision. Whatever the reason, we are super happy to have her here in our pack. She wins over everyone she meets in a matter of seconds and charms them with her quirky sweet ways.

Echo is working on basic obedience commands and household manners. We hope, in time, to work more with Echo in some sort of performance capacity if she enjoys it as much as we think she will!

WELCOME to Echo's Gallery