Eddie is the world's biggest cuddlebug. He is happiest lying on a person having his belly rubbed. Or being cuddled and nuzzling someone's neck...and having his belly rubbed. Or lying next to a person...and having his belly rubbed, just so long as some one is rubbin' that tummer, he's a happy boy.

Eddie is a 21lb standard rat terrier. He was found as a stray in January of 2005. It was snowing and cold and he was trying very hard to get into a local store to get warm. The shelter vet put his age at about 6 months old back then, so we decided to give him a June 2004 birthday.

Eddie is one of the most agreeable boys you will ever meet. He especially enjoys playing with other dogs He is very submissive and laid back and doesn't mind being at the bottom of the pecking order in the pack. We think he was on a tie out line because Eddie has one quirk that he has never been able to shake. Whenever he gets the least bit excited about ANYTHING he circles and circles and circles. The circles have grown larger in time (they used to be very tight spins) but the behavior has never completely gone away. In 2009 we started Eddie on Prozac for dogs and it has helped his OCD quite a bit, but there are still spins in the world of Ed.

WELCOME to Eddie's Gallery

My name is Eddie, aka Eddie Spaghetti.
Mom calls me her dumplin' punkin' but she's just being silly.

I am highly food motivated.

Which means I nail my sits and downs!

I have a habit of circling in big round pacing circles. Here I am in action.

I love to play with toys.

Especially with Zippi. He's my best pal.

I also like surveying the yard. These are my ears!

Here the Peanut is checking things out with me.
We ratties gotta hang together.

I really love chewing things like bullysticks and cow hooves.
Dad's slipper makes the BEST holder too!