Little Roxy was our first introduction to the world of terriers. She was cute and tiny and reminded us of a big dog...but miniaturized!

Roxy is a 10lb black and white toy fox terrier. She was born June 27th, 1998 and is very much a senior girl in looks and behavior.

We adopted Roxy as a pup. She had a nearly solid black face back then but has gone grey over the years and really does look her age. Roxy is a bit of a cranky girl who barely tolerates others in the house. Sometimes she's playful, most times she just wants whatever food, treats or toys the other dogs have. Sharing is not her strong suit.

Overall Roxy spends most of her time sleeping under as many blankets as she can. She loves to burrow. Roxy is highly food motivated and will do just about any trick she knows (sit, stay, dance, roll over, crawl, down, high five etc) for a treat!

WELCOME to Roxy's Gallery

My name is Roxanne Roxanna Danna. I'm a very serious old gal.

See here? this is my serious look.

I was a totally cute puppy. I used to bomb around at top speed
and even could run right under the furniture, I was so tiny.

When I was young my face was totally black.
It was really hard to see me or get pictures of my face.

Now my face is really expressive and dignified
with all my white, don't you agree?

I've ALWAYS loved to bask in the sun. I can lay on the warm bricks for hours and be perfectly happy.

but I mostly like to de-stuff toys on my own

OH and I'm a total "Daddy's girl"

AND a fashion icon (see my necklace)!!