Little Nut


This is the Little P-nut one. He is a 9lb rat terrier boy.

Little Nut came to us through rescue. He had a really tough start in life. P-nut was slated to be a stud dog for an irresponsible breeder (like a mini puppy mill). So for the first 7 months of his life P-nut was locked in a cage with his sister. He was not socialized or trained in any way and he was TERRIFIED of people. Plus the conditions where he was kept were very dirty so he had every kind of worm you can imagine, plus Coccidia, PLUS Giardia. He was severely underweight and all ribs were visible and he was all hip bones and angles.

Since his arrival the Nut has reinvigorated the older dogs, plays regularly with Eddie and now Echo and has complete hero worship of Zippi. He loves to cuddle and snuggle and is getting more social with people every day. He is a velcro dog with his human mom. He still shies away from people when they are walking or bending over him and is a little leary of being "caught" but his recall is improving daily. He has learned to "sit", "down", "high five", "roll over" and "shake" on command and also to stand on his hind feet and wave. Oh and this little dog potty trained himself in just a few weeks - really amazing.

The P-nut one was born May 11th, 2007.

WELCOME to P-nut's Gallery

I'm the P-nut one.

I'm a really handsome little guy. See my interesting coat?

I LOVE to play with toys. I didn't get many toys when I was younger so now I want to play as MUCH as I can!

When I first got here I did EVERYTHING Zippi did
I was his mini-me!

I'm much more independant now
but I still like to copy Zippi.

Living here is pretty cushy. We get great food, love, toys and LOTS of great dog beds to relax in.

In fact, sometimes I like to stretch out on SEVERAL beds!

Gotta go, someone's calling!