YO! This is Zippi! Zip is head o' da pack (well lead dog anyway, the humans are the true alphas in this house). Zip is always very tall when he meets new dogs, especially the young hooligans we often foster.

Zippi is a 15lb tri colored toy fox terrier (who looks more like a rat terrier despite his AKC papers). He was born Oct 27th, 1997 so he is definately a senior citizen at this stage of his life.

Zippi's story started out as a sad one. Zip was very very severely abused (in a not too pleasant way) before he was a year old. He was also crated for more than 18 hours a day. When we adopted him he had a hard time trusting people and didn't allow himself to relax and snuggle. He was also a stealth biter (he had learned to bite without warning or growling as it was his only defense). It took over a year before he was able to start to relax. That was many years ago, and he has blossomed since then into the most wonderful dog in the world.

WELCOME to Zippi's Gallery

My name is Zippi. Here I am about 3 years old being silly.

By contrast here is a photo of me taken back when I was still a youthful 11.5 years old

When I first arrived I wasn't very trusting. See how worried I look?

I'm pretty relaxed now.

In fact I'm very

VERY relaxed.

Even though I excel in basic obedience commands,

Sometimes I still like to push my luck
sleeping where I'm not allowed

Investigating things...

I'm a big fan of soft beds and soft fluffy toys

I may not be a very big fellow

but I'm very handsome

and my people LOVE me bunches